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So, on such a critical day like Valentine’s, I want to puff up my chest confidently and face Amano-kun in my best game.

That’s why…!


I made up my mind to try to make the best chocolate again. Let’s start by cleaning the room first.

Chiaki Hoshinomori

“Onee-chan, is this chocolate really okay?”

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“It’s fine. No problem.”

It’s 6 PM on 13th February. I’m looking at this glimpse of hope I found in the chaos with sparkling eyes.

However, the high school girl standing next to me- my little sister, Konoha Hoshinomori, is warning me with suspicious eyes.

“…I think the God of Love is saying that you can’t die here yet.”

“It’s okay. A little sister shouldn’t worry about this. It’s the best one.”


Konoha gave the chocolate I chose an unconvinced look.

Also, Konoha got a delivery when she was about to head out in the morning. It looks like Valentine’s chocolate. I talked to her when she opened the package, and she got jumpscared. Then, she shoved it into her bag as if she’s hiding it away from me. After that, she didn’t answer no matter what questions I asked her. “Who are you giving it to?” “What does the chocolate look like?” …Sigh, I guess it must be the obligatory chocolate for the student council members in Hekiyou. Yes. …Whatever, let’s move on.

“Hello, I want to buy this!”

I ignored Konoha’s suspicious glare and gave the goods to the cashier.