What kind of works that are online online

What kind of works that are online online

If the Zergs were to successfully decapitate the human commander, it would mean that all the commands would be taken over by AEEIS before the appointment of a new human commander. There would be no chance of a surprise victory and the possibility of better tactics. On the other hand, if humans manage to decapitate the Zergs’ queen successfully, they would be able to get a breather for a period of time and eliminate a large number of Zergs on a large scale.

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Therefore, Qin Yi knew what he should choose now.

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He quickly turned his vision and gave orders to every unit.

The frontline troops increased their attack speed and rushed to the top of the new Zergs nest; the fleet at the back of the planet held back the remaining Zergs; the frigate charged into the Zergs to self-destruct and stall for time after they depleted most of its weapons...

Qin Yi saw a huge amount of requests for reinforcements from other teams. He did not know these people and had not even heard of their serial numbers.

He could only see countless troops flashing and asking for reinforcements in the dark starry sky, on the surface of the planet and in the worm nests. They were reporting the situation of the battlefield like stars in the sky.

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The battle this time was different from the previous simulation, but it felt familiar.

Qin Yi did not know if this operation would succeed. He only followed the previous training and made the choices he thought were right.

“Will my soul find peace in this starry sky after I die?”

No one answered, only AEEIS’ cold voice sounded. “Attention! The command ship is under serious threat. Once the command ship is destroyed, all units will be taken over by AEEIS. Commander, please make the appropriate arrangements!”

This time, Qin Yi had already made the appropriate arrangements without AEEIS’ reminder.

He zoomed in and watched as the frigates crashed into the densest part of the sea of insects one by one. He watched as the dazzling fireworks lit up and extinguished in the dark night sky. He knew that he would soon become the most brilliant among the fireworks.

“AEEIS, will I be the last commander?”

AEEIS did not reply to Qin Yi’s surprise.

Qin Yi pressed the final detonation button and closed his eyes in relief after the few remaining frigates approached the command ship.