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"You're persistent, aren't you? I'm not in trouble or anything".

"If---no, if you say that then I must have misunderstood".

"Yes, you misunderstood. Please don't say anything weird to Horikita-kun".

After warning me harshly, Tachibana went back towards the cafeteria. On the off chance, she probably doesn't want the older Horikita to know the truth I suppose.

But you're making a mistake, Tachibana. This isn't a problem you can solve by sacrificing yourself.

"I suppose this means it's going to be checkmate unless I make a move".

After seeing Tachibana's fragile back, I confirmed that to myself.

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Midnight. I woke upon hearing a slight creaking coming from the bed. A lone student is moving in the dark. Of course, even if there's absolutely zero visibility I'd still know who it is.

It's Hashimoto who's supposed to be sound asleep above me. He soundlessly descended using the bunk bed's ladder and without even bringing along a flashlight, he left the room.

After that, I slowly raised myself up.

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I think it's most likely going to be a toilet break but there are other possibilities too. Because I noticed the fact that throughout this whole week, there hasn't been a single incident of Hashimoto going for a toilet break in the middle of the night.

I only gave him a slight headstart before getting up and following Hashimoto. On the off chance that he's standing right outside the door and notices me, I can just say that I'm also going for a toilet break.

It's precisely because we share the same bed that Hashimoto will also think that he just woke me up too. I concealed my presence and headed out into the corridor.

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There's only the emergency light and the moonlight streaming in from outside but walking without a flashlight is possible. I saw Hashimoto heading off towards the toilet.

I followed him. And when I did, Hashimoto turned left rather than continue on down the corridor. It doesn't look like he's simply heading to the toilet. Hashimoto, after going down to the first floor, went outside while still in his indoor shoes. As I approached him, I concealed myself using the wall on my side. There's no one other than Hashimoto there. Maybe he just came here for a breath of fresh air prior to the exam?

Or perhaps he's waiting for someone? I realized the answer to that question right away.

Sensing that he's about to turn towards me, I moved elsewhere. Because I saw another shadow I believe to be his objective here. That shadow walked along the path Hashimoto took and went outside.

In a situation like this where not even the sounds of insects are present, you could hear a person's voice a lot more clearly than you'd expect.

"Yo, Ryuuen".