How to make money online articles sharing

How to make money online articles sharing

“Equivalent to football? You’re thinking too much. We’re still far from it. Getting a slot at 26 million yuan is not a big deal.”

“But think about it: how long has the football league been developing? How long has eSports been developing? GOG was only born less than a year ago, but it has already become so popular. If we can keep this up for three, five, or even ten years, we might really be able to compete with football!”

“Have you ever seen a game that remained popular for ten years? GOG would definitely not be able to achieve that as well! I think this is another investment opportunity created by capitalism. It would only be live for a year or two, and then no one would be interested in it.”

“What happened to the three clubs including SUG? Did they do something wrong?”

“I heard that those three clubs took the initiative to sell their GOG teams. In the end, they only sold each for less than 15 million yuan! No one knows what exactly happened, but they seemed to have offended Boss Pei...”

“What does that mean? Is that true? Each GPL slot was sold for 26 million yuan, but the slot along with an entire team were only sold for 15 million yuan? Does this mean that each team’s value is negative 10 million yuan?”

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“I found out something new today. It’s said that this has something to do with the standard contract that Boss Pei wanted to implement a while ago. These clubs did not want to accept the standard contract, so they worked together to pressure Boss Pei... In the end, it turned out to be their wishful thinking. Boss Pei could not wait for them to leave so that he could find richer companies to back GPL!”

“They deserve it! It’s wrong to use contracts to trick professional players to begin with. Boss Pei tried to give them a way out, but they still didn’t know what was good for them. In any case, the SUG members are still around. They can just change their team’s name and find a better boss. I’ll support this with both hands!”

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“To be honest, the domestic eSports environment has always been foul because of those shrewed clubs! Now that Boss Pei has stepped forward to regulate the environment of the entire industry and protect the interests of the players, I think more highly of GPL!”

“Hehe, I don’t think anyone in the remaining clubs would dare to play any tricks under Boss Pei’s nose...”

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The netizens had a great time sharing their insider news.

Some praised Boss Pei for being able to easily and efficiently set up something as difficult as an eSports League.