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The loner group…mumbled something out of their mouth again.

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“…Ta-maya…” [Note: Ta-maya is the cheers that the Japanese crowd will yell when they’re watching fireworks. It’s a traditional thing.]

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(They’re watching fireworks inside their hearts!)

Eh, wow, what in the world do we need to prepare for the Christmas party? It already feels like this isn’t something that a bunch of high school students can pull off. When I’m looking at their intoxicated look, and the imaginations flowing in their eyes, that’s absolutely not the fireworks you can find on the market!

The two loners ignored our emotions and continued mumbling.

“…Diving, …skydiving, …grilled meat, …a real Santa Claus…”

(A real Santa Claus!?)

The gradually increasing expectation is already off-limits to what a human is capable of.

Aguri shivers as she slightly looked away.

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(…Tasuku, you’re the one that called for this party, right…)

(A-Aguri! Why are you saying that like you have nothing to do with this…!)

(…I-It’s because I’m already not dating you.)