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It is impossible to thrust out my head.

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My heart jostles, shake and squeeze over and over....

“Ah, really... when friends fight this much... it’s awful.... I never knew...... I..... didn’t have a lot of friends.”

All I can do is to get up again at least.

As I leaned on a tree, I felt whiplash as my feet trembled like a newborn faun’s, but still clenched my teeth and stood again.



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『Tis considerable, owing to being blown away, still you have gained distance... Get your breathing in order.... There is more you can do, is there not?』

And while Shinobu was desperately trying to stop me, my master won’t stop me, he has no intention to.

Breathing? If that’s the case...

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『Inhale quickly through your nose... exhale slowly from the lower abdomen.』

“Soo... Haa...”

Ah, surely, a little bit in my head ... no, it’s banging painfully but, a little ...

“Eh ...? That ‘breath’. No, it’s different. That’s...”

“Oh... to establish the paired breathing, ‘Evasive Breath Control’... A unique breathing technique imparted to the Japone-style martial arts.... how would he! Shinobu... who is this man really?”

『Hmpf, you ninjas! You underestimate the Demon Realm Martial Arts, do you not? We are already more than 10,000 years ahead ―――』

Well, I don’t have the energy to put in a retort anymore, but thanks to getting my breathing in order, I can move about once more.

“Hey... Mr. Aka... I also.... rather...... got a reasonably cool face, right? So, just a little bit.... Mr. Aka should remember it too, right?”

“Garrul, Aguauu!”