How to make money online in 2019

How to make money online in 2019

“Eh? Oh, I see, thanks.”

“Well, I’ll be leaving. See you.”

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“Ah, yep, okay, thank you.”

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I waved and watched him slowly moved away. Then, when he turned over the corner and disappeared…


Someone suddenly called me from behind. I freaked out and turned around. After that, I found out the wealthy university lady with a shopping bag in her right hand that lives next to me, …Ao Saika, is standing there while pouting.

“Oh, Ao, it’s been a long day. Are you going home?”

“Yes. …Let’s bring that up later, Ayumu-san. Did you kidnap that boy into your room again?”

“It’s mean when you said I’m kidnapping him into my room…”

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I can’t help but sigh dumbfoundedly. Then, I tried to persuade this neighbor that’s a bit on-edge.

“Listen, Ao. He really thinks that I’m a guy, and I’m just using him as my live streaming partner. If that’s the case, an ambiguous relationship that can be posted on the internet will never happen.”


“There’s no but. Ah, right, I can tell you a piece of good news. Today, that guy reached his hand out to my chest. Even though a rom-com situation like this happened, I still feel nothing for that guy. Is there any more solid evidence than this?”

“…Eh? Uh, if that’s true, then why did you-“

Ao still has something to say. …Honestly, I feel she’s pretty annoying.