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He’s partially qualified for being a live streamer. However, that’s based on a delicate balance. As long as he’s conscious that we’re in a live stream, everything becomes boring. What a miracle. Therefore, I have to make him think that “we’re just trying games out” and “I’m just playing with friends.” That way, I can record the process.

Honestly, due to moral issues, I included this in the comments when I uploaded the video-

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I added this declaration. Thanks to that, no one started a fight in the comment section right now.

…Well, even though I didn’t gain his permission yet…

Basically, I deleted everything that can expose his identity during editing. The voice is slightly adjusted too. So, he won’t lose anything because of this, …I guess.

Also, it’s been one week since I uploaded the first video. The result is way better than I’ve imagined. With that, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. If no one is interested in this video, I can explain everything to Amano and delete the video. Then, we can pretend nothing happened. …However, right now, it’s already out of my hands.

I want more people to watch my videos and feel that it’s interesting. Therefore, when I started planning this, I always pay attention to the “exposure risk.” This cautious attitude of mine is why my popularity is stable. At the same time, it’s the reason why I’m struggling to become even more famous. That’s why, currently, I decided to step forward. This means that I have to be responsible for this Keita Amano “risk.”

Right, speaking of risk, there’s another big secret that Amano doesn’t know. Perhaps this can be called an overwhelmingly dangerous “risk.”

In reality, I don’t think this is a problem. …However, according to my neighborhood friend, this is more than a grenade. It seems that this risk is so dangerous that it can be called a nuclear “secret.”

The reason for that is….

“Eh, Kiriya-san, there’s a loose thread on your shirt.”

He reached his finger towards my chest. Then, he got rid of the thread and smiled.

“Alright, it’s done.”

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“…Uh, t-thanks, Amano.”

“You’re welcome.”

It’s casual and nothing significant, a usual daily scenery. …It looks like that. Actually, what he did is pretty close to the line.

(Well, like what my neighbor, ….Ao said, perhaps this is not good.)

Although I thought about that, I scratched my head emotionlessly as if this happened to somebody else. I still don’t think I’m in danger. Uh, even though I know from an everyday perspective, that would be a colossal issue…

The reason why is that I, Ayumu Kiriya, …the live streamer with a handsome voice-