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Pei Qian: “?”

Still smiling, Ruan Guangjian said, “With the concept art for all the actors in Struggle, two new heroes per month for GOG, and so many new skins; our workspace has been forced to move at full speed now.

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“Thanks to Boss Pei, our rent and various expenses have been cut, but our workload remains the same. What’s more, we’ve received so many high-quality orders from Tengda. Our workspace’s income has seen an obvious increase!

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“It was the right decision to move the workspace to Jingzhou!”

At the same time, at Tengda Games...

Min Jingchao browsed through the forums as usual, freeloading off the gamers’ creativity. He had to admit that the gamers’ wisdom was limitless.

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Take the idea of the Traveler Bao Xu, for example. Just one glance convinced Min Jingchao that the hero would be excellent. It would have a wide range of skills, a warm image, and-most importantly-it fit Bao Xu’s character.

Thus, he accepted the idea on the spot.

However, not many ideas were as good as that. After all, few gamers understood the mechanics of the game and design inside and out. Most designs were problematic to a certain extent.

Now, Min Jingchao was shortlisting ideas from the vast sea of suggestions that gamers were making daily. Whenever he found suitable ideas, he would send them to the design team to be improved on. Then, the development process would be kickstarted.

Min Jingchao kept to a few unspoken rules when shortlisting ideas.

For instance, the designers of the games department were not to participate in this event.

Min Jingchao had designed a couple of heroes himself, but he had not received any compensation. That was because Boss Pei was already paying him enough for doing his job.

What’s more, he could earn rewards based on the game’s reputation and initial investment. There was no reason for him to be doubly remunerated. It would be shameful to fight with gamers for a five-percent share of profits.

On top of that, Min Jingchao tried his best to choose hero ideas from different designers. Min Jingchao would only consider accepting two hero ideas from a single designer if a certain hero was obviously much better than the others, and Min Jingchao had to make use of the ideas.

That was because the event was meant for everyone to participate in. The number of heroes GOG could have was limited, as was the amount of money to be distributed.

If one person was rewarded too much, the others would feel less motivated to participate in the event. That would not keep the community healthy.

Of course, one also had to consider if each hero’s mechanisms could fit into the overall game mechanism, whether each hero’s defining characteristics would be obvious or not and whether they would repeat or clash with the existing heroes in the game or not.

Min Jingchao kept browsing the posts and suddenly spotted a post with a good number of likes. He subconsciously clicked on it and discovered that the idea was purely for the hero’s skill mechanism.