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It was great that the ICL league could be distributed!

It would definitely be a good thing to nurture and expand the audience of the ICL league. with so many live-streaming platforms live-streaming together. Long Yu Corporation would definitely not lose out.

At that moment, his cell phone rang.

Zhao Xuming picked up immediately. “Hello? Boss Zhu, what’s the matter?”

Zhu Yan sounded very unhappy. “Boss Zhao, you’re not doing this right!”

Zhao Xuming was stunned. “What’s the matter? Why aren’t I doing things right? Boss Zhu, you’re confusing me.”

To Zhao Xuming, this was ridiculous. He had only been working with Wolf Fang live-stream on the ICL league recently. What was wrong with that?

He had been mediating and helping them obtain live-stream rights for the ICL league. They should be thanking him. Why were they blaming him?

Zhu Yan became even angrier seeing that Zhao Xuming was pretending to be stupid now. “Boss Zhao! Your suggestion of delaying the live-stream by 30 seconds has made us suffer! The audience realized the time difference between our live-stream and Bunny Tail’s live-stream. All of them came to my live-stream to spoil it. It severely affected the live-stream’s bullet screen environment. Many viewers are now running back to Bunny Tail’s live-stream!”

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“Isn’t this impact serious?”

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“Boss Zhao, we are the same as Bunny Tail Live-Stream. We are partners of Long Yu Corporation. You cannot favor one over the other!”

The value of the ICL league to Wolf Fang live-stream was mainly due to its popularity and the face of the platform for Zhu Yan.

There were not many people watching the ICL league in Wolf Fang live-stream. There would not be too many ballers giving gifts. They did not expect it to be profitable. However, this league could bring popularity to the entire platform and make the platform more competitive in terms of content. It could also recover blood through sponsorship and other methods.

Many live-streaming platforms were not making money now but they could increase their popularity as long as they could obtain endless financing and allow the entire company to continuously develop and grow.

However, Wolf Fang’s live-streaming ICL league was losing its popularity. It was obviously worse than cutting his flesh.

Zhao Xuming was dumbfounded.

What has this got to do with me?

I gave a suggestion on the spot. Didn’t you not raise any objections to this 30-second delay?

Why are you blaming it on me now!