Is Du Zijian's online make money?

Is Du Zijian's online make money?

“Besides, we’re not too good with art on our design side. So, our requirements are going to be more vague.”

“Because of that, I’m going to need you to work harder on designing it.”

“With those considerations, I think that 2,000 per set is too unfair for you. 3,000 per set would be a more suitable price!”

“That includes the initial design of the original arts along with modifications later on. At the same time, I hope that you’ll be able to draw more detailedly, how’s that?”

Ruan Guangjian’s side fell into silence once more.

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It was clear that he hadn’t met much clients like Pei Qian who bargained in reverse...

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This guy had just given him an additional 1,000 yuan per set!

However, Pei Qian’s behavior was not a violation of the rules and hence the system did not sound out any warnings.

That was because Pei Qian’s demands were perfectly reasonable. The additional amount of money covered the troubles stemming from the unclear specifications, raising of the work’s quality as well as future amendments.

Ruan Guangjian only replied after a few minutes, “Alright. A total of 50 sets and 200 original art pieces at 150,000. This will include 20 major and 50 minor amendments.”

Pei Qian grinned.

I can indeed use money to purchase amendments options, but I can choose not to use them as well!

After all, it’s for the best if the art pieces come out to be undesirable.

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The both of them agreed on it and prepared to complete the digital contract on the resource website.

Suddenly, Pei Qian recalled something. “How many original pieces can you produce in three weeks? I’ll edit the total sum on my end of the contract.”

The system stated that Pei Qian must not have any unannounced products a week before settlement.

If Pei Qian wanted to publish his game a week before settlement, that leaves Ruan Guangjian with three weeks of time to work with.