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Translated by: Sads07

『Now, once you are flexible enough we shall begin the ladder training. Now, I shall provide a demonstration.』

Saying that, Tre’ainar lays the ladder to the ground. [1]

The Great Demon King’s training finally begins.

That is......

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『Now, first stand before the ladder then step in the square grid between the ladder’s scaffolding...』


『Jump quickly while aligning both feet and move forward. Jump straight. Do not step on the ladder, step in it, and land only within the squares.』

...... The Great Demon King jumped forward all Totototo with both feet together.

『Then, you carry on as such.』

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『When you’re done, return to the first point, and then move forward with your legs aligned and jumping left and right. The trick is to jump with both feet and land on both feet. Do not land to a single foot alone.』

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Once, the legendary Great Demon King who made the world tremble jumped back and forth with both feet.

『Next, one leg and the other, and then open both legs and jump a third time. Next is the other side, so, repeat the opening and closing, Hopscotch, Hopscotch, with a proper rhythm.』 [2]