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Tengda had basically sponsored the strong teams in the European and American competition zones. What would happen if the top few teams and the most popular teams all had GOG’s logo on their uniforms?

Even if Chrétien wanted to do the opposite and sponsor GOG’s team, it would be useless since they were impenetrable...

There were only two choices now: either bear with it and pretend not to see it, and wait for GOG’s logo to be hung on all the teams in the international competition and various regional league teams; or spend a lot of money, even if they could not make all the sponsors violate the contract, they had to at least make sure that GOG’s logo did not appear on the celebrity teams.

After a long silence, Chrétien said, “This is a very serious problem indeed. I’ll report it now and hold a meeting to discuss it.”

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It was now the critical period for the world finals. Every extra day that GOG’s logo appeared meant extra loss to Dayak Corporation and Finger Games. Therefore, they could not delay this matter and had to hurry up to hold a meeting to discuss it.

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If he really wanted to breach the contract, he had to do it as soon as possible. That was because the earlier he did, the less impact it would have!

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December 31st, Saturday...

Pei Qian was sleeping soundly.

He had been revising seriously without paying attention to anything else after watching IOI World Finals yesterday.

FV Club had followed his instructions and posted a lot of Weibo, which had already filled the hate points.

This morning’s IOI’s competition was between two other teams in the morning. There were no competitions with domestic teams in them, so Pei Qian did not pay attention to it since they could not stab him in the back.

No matter how he thought about it, today was a perfect weekend. He should have a good sleep.

However, his cell phone suddenly vibrated before 9 am.

Buzz... Buzz...

Pei Qian opened his sleepy eyes a little angrily. He turned around and tried to ignore it.